In 2011 the Executive Board of the PAC voted to explore the possibility of creating an independent accreditation program for the telecommunications profession. This was in response to a recognized need which had been frequently expressed by our membership.


The Board appointed a panel of subject matter experts, and charged them with the responsibility of designing a program solely for communications centers, incorporating Florida law and standard professional business practices into the accreditation process.


The panel was composed of representatives from law enforcement, fire-rescue and emergency medical services. The panel worked diligently for a year and designed a standards manual and the accreditation process. The resulting program contains 117 standards and is designed to accommodate both large and small centers. Administration and management of the program will be through a commission appointed by the FLA-PAC Executive Board.

At the September meeting in Sarasota, the Executive Board will ask the membership to vote on formalizing this program. If approved, test sites will be established so the standards can be validated. We hope to accredit the first agencies in 2013.


Click on the below links to view the brochure with a brief overview of the program, course information and Standards Manual.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Executive Director Bob Brongel at (941) 313-4047 or e-mail him at


Mailing address is: Post Office Box 51208, Sarasota, Florida 34232.


FLA-TAC Training Courses
FLA-TAC Brochure
FLA-TAC Accreditation Course
FLA-Telecommunications Accreditation Program Manual (Version 1.01) - Rev. 10/04/2013
  Chapter 1 - Organization
  Chapter 2 - Written Directive System
  Chapter 3 - Fiscal
  Chapter 4 - Human Resources
  Chapter 5 - Conduct and Disciplinary Process
  Chapter 6 - Recruitment-Selection-Promotion
  Chapter 7 - Training
  Chapter 8 - FCIC/NCIC (Revised 10/04/2013)
  Chapter 9 - Security
  Chapter 10 - Call Taking Procedures
  Chapter 11 - Dispatch Operations and Procedures
  Chapter 12 - Critical Incidents - Unusual Incidents
  Chapter 13 - Fire Rescue Dispatch Operations
  Chapter 14 - Emergency Medical Services Dispatch
  Chapter 15 - Law Enforcement Dispatch Operations
FLA-TAC Change Notices
  Change Order #1: September 2013 (Sarasota, FL)
FLA-TAC File Construction
FLA-TAC Assessment Planning Package
FLA-TAC File Labels (Revised 10/04/2013)
FLA-TAC Tracking Chart Instructions
FLA-TAC Tracking Chart (Revised 10/04/2013)
FLA-TAC Observation, Interviews and Time Sensative Standards
FLA-TAC File Highlighting