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The Florida Police Accreditatin Coalition, Inc. (FLA-PAC) recognizes and supports the concept of accreditation of law enforcement agencies as a means to enhance the quaility of law enforcement services within the State of Florida. To this end, FLA-PAC will provide a network for member agencies that will encourage communication, mutual cooperation, training, support and the sharing of resources.

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FLA-PAC Retiree Application


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Open Records Law Certification

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Please return this application with the appropriate membership fee payable to FLA-PAC to the following:


Florida Police Accreditation Coalition

Office of the Treasurer

Compliance and Accreditation Manager

Broward Sheriff’s Office

P.O. Box 9507

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310

Office (954) 321-4533


Membership problems/questions?
Call Christa Wisniewski, Treasurer, at (954) 321-4533
or e-mail