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FLA-PAC By-Laws and SOP Manual


FLA-PAC By-Laws Manual (06/23/2016)


FLA-PAC By-Laws Manual (09/28/2011)


FLA-PAC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual 


Certified Accreditation Professional

Information on the Certified Accreditation Professional (CAP) Program is located in the Members Only section.  For additional information regarding the Certified Accreditation Professional (CAP) Program, contact CAP Committee Chair, Wanda White at



Dianne Hill Annual Certified Accreditation Professional (CAP) Scholarship Program


The FLA-PAC Executive Board is proud to announce the Dianne Hill CAP Scholarship Program. The scholarship, named for Dianne Hill, the first lifetime member of the FLA-PAC, is designed to cover the cost of a single application for the Certified Accreditation Professional designation each year. The scholarship covers one applicant per year.   For a copy of the application, please click on the link below.

Dianne Hill CAP Scholarship Application


FLA-PAC Annual Educational Scholarship Program


The FLA-PAC Educational Scholarship Program was established by the FLA-PAC Executive Board at the February 2012 Accreditation Conference.


The FLA-PAC Educational Scholarship Program is designed exclusively for immediate family members of an Accreditation Manager or Specialist who is employed by an accredited agency/department and a current member of the FLA-PAC.  The applicant shall be considered an “immediate family member” if they are a son, daughter, stepdaughter, stepson, granddaughter, grandson, or legally adopted child of an accreditation professional that meets the above requirements.


This is a one (1) year Scholarship that will be awarded annually at each February Accreditation Conference.  The total amount of this scholarship will be $2,000.00 payable to the winner.  The recipient of the award will be able to utilize funds towards tuition, books, etc. in pursuit of a criminal justice degree at an accredited college or university or towards the costs of attending a Law Enforcement or Corrections Academy for the purposes of state certification.


In order to qualify for consideration, all materials must be postmarked no later than the October 1st prior to the February conference at which the scholarship will be awarded.  For a copy of the FLA-PAC Scholarship Application Form, click here.