DIANNE HILL *Photo not available


Dianne Hill served as the accreditation manager for the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.  While in this capacity, Dianne assisted the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition by serving on the committee which designed and implemented the Certified Accreditation Professional (CAP) program.  Dianne was one of the initial 9 members who received the CAP designation, receiving it in October 2009.


Dianne’s professional impact upon the members of the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition was so significant that a scholarship was established in her name for members seeking their initial certification as a CAP.  One member applicant is selected annually and receives a scholarship to cover their certification fees in Dianne’s name.


Dianne was bestowed the status as the first lifetime member of the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition in 2010.

Wanda White (2)


Wanda White retired from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and Escambia County Corrections in 2016 after 41+ years of service. During the last 20 years of her career, Wanda served as Law Enforcement and Corrections Accreditation Manager.

Once Wanda was assigned to accreditation, she immediately became actively involved in the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition (FLA-PAC). She served on many committees including Training, Outreach, and Conference and has served as the CAP Chair since its inception in 2009. Wanda served as 1st Vice President of FLA-PAC from 2005-2009. She has served as an instructor at conferences and written articles for the PAC-Chat. Wanda has continued to be involved in the FLA-PAC since her retirement, With the June 2021 Conference, she has attended 63 conferences.

Wanda is one of the first nine to earn the designation of Certified Accreditation Professional in October 2009, and has been recertified in September 2012, October 2015, and October 2018.

Wanda has been actively involved in FCAC serving on committees, the Standards Rewrite Committee, and SRIC. She continues to be an active assessor for FCAC, CFA, and TAC. She was also actively involved in the FMJS Standards Committee and Task Force.

Wanda has earned many awards including the FLA-PAC President‘s Award, FCAC Assessor of the Year, FCAC Distinguished Service Award, FCAC Accreditation of the Year, and Florida Model Jail Standards Chairman’s Award.

Wanda was bestowed the status as a lifetime member of the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition in 2016.


Juliane Day


Juliane Day became an accreditation manager in 1998. Her first Florida Police Accreditation Coalition conference was Daytona 1999. She served as the Audit Committee Chair and the Training Committee Chair. She was elected President in 2009 and held that position until February 2018. During this time the scholarship and Certified Accreditation Professional programs were established. She was also part of the committee that developed and implemented the Florida Telecommunication Accreditation Commission.

She is currently the Assistant Director of The Villages Community Development Community Watch Department and the Accreditation Manager for Fruitland Park Police Department. She is a Florida-certified Corrections and Law Enforcement officer. She is a Florida Department of Law Enforcement certified Instructor.

Juliane was bestowed the status as a lifetime member of the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition in 2018.




Jose L. “Joe” Monteagudo, began his law enforcement career with the City of Hialeah Police Department in June of 1974.  He successfully completed assignments in both administrative and line functions, which included but not limited to assignments investigating Homicides during the mayhem caused in Miami-Dade County by the “Cocaine Cowboys” and the “Mariel Boatlift”.

During his employment with the Hialeah Police Department, Joe was elected as a Trustee and Board Vice-Chairman of the Hialeah Employees Retirement System from 1987 through his honorable retirement from the Hialeah Police Department in 1998.

Joe joined the Village of Key Biscayne Police Department as an administrative officer in 1998 where he headed the department’s initial accreditation status as the Accreditation Manger.   He presently serves as a Trustee in the Key Biscayne Police Officers and Firefighters Retirement System.

Joe has been in accreditation process since 1998, responsible for the initial accreditation process of the Village of Key Biscayne Police Department which included the creation of the department’s written directive system and still oversees the process as part of duties of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Police.  He has served as an assessor representing the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc., conducting numerous mock and onsite assessments.  Additionally, Joe has been chosen by the Commission Staff to serve as an assessment team, team leader and has also conducted numerous assessments in this capacity.

He was elected to the position of Treasurer of the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition (FLA-PAC) in 2009 and has served as a member of the Executive Board until his retirement in 2019.

Joe was bestowed status as a lifetime member of the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition in 2019.