"Accreditation, as it applies to law enforcement, is a process whereby a law enforcement agency is given approval by an official review board, after the agency has met specific standards deemed appropriate for the mission of all law enforcement agencies."


The Florida Police Accreditation Coalition, Inc. (FLA-PAC) is a not-for-profit corporation formed in 1989, under the laws of the State of Florida, for the purpose of providing member agencies a network of law enforcement professionals encouraging communication, mutual cooperation, support and the sharing of resources among each other.


recognizes and supports the concept of accreditation for law enforcement agencies as a means of enhancing the quality of law enforcement services within the State of Florida.


provides to all members; current and relative information pertaining to national and state accreditation; training in standard compliance; and accessibility to model policies and written directives pertinent to law enforcement activities.


meets three times a year in various locations to facilitate information sharing and provide training.


Mutual Cooperation
Sharing Resources

FLA-PAC provides

Current and Relative Information Pertaining to Accreditation.
Training and Facilities Information Sharing.
Accessability to Model Policies.
Accessability to Written Directives

FLA-PAC Bylaws (Revised 06-23-2016)